Meet our Team

Bary LynchManaging Director

Bary joined the Royal Marines in 1991 at the age of 16 and completed 5 years of service. He started door supervision when he was 20 years old in Gosport and Portsmouth.
He has worked most of the South East, as a Door Supervisor and Area Manager for a national security company. He spent 2 years as a venue manager for a well-known chain of bars before returning to door supervision as Regional Area Manager overseeing 50 plus venues on the M4 corridor as well as the South East.
In 2003 Bary joined a local security company as Operations Manager and was responsible for co-ordinating staff and liaising with customers on operational matters and running the operational side of an ACS company.

September 2011 – 2015 Bary has also been a Maritime Security Team Leader and Close Protection Operative (TL) with some top maritime and land based companies.

Gary ParkerOperational Director

Gary joined the Royal Marines at the age of 16 and completed 8 and a half years of service seeing operational tours of Northern Ireland, Sierra Leone, Iraq and Afghanistan. He served 2 years on the maritime counter terrorism team before leaving the core in 2007.

He started Close Protection in 2007 working in all sectors ranging from PSD in Iraq to team leader on super yachts. He has worked with the home office in the deportation of immigrants and the diplomatic protection group witness protection on a high profile court case. He has worked on a number of DOD contracts and was senior TL and senior representative for a top maritime company.

From 2013 he has worked as an in country manager in Mozambique where he was responsible for the teams on the ground and dealing with all local nationals, agents and government officials. As well as personnel management and client liaison he was responsible for planning and coordinating close protection tasks, development of SOP’s and threat assessments.

What We Do outside of Work


The Isobel Kelly Fund

We support The Isobel Kelley Fund.
“Isobel was a happy, apparently fit and healthy two year old. On 27th July 2003 she got out of bed in the morning and couldn’t stand up. On 29th July 2003, she was diagnosed with a brain tumour, an inoperable Central Nervous System Primitive Neuro-ectodermal tumour (CNS PNET) in the centre of the brain. Owing to her age and the location of the tumour, radiotherapy was not an option as it would have damaged too much of her brain. Chemotherapy was also thought unlikely to succeed, owing to the type of tumour. Izzy had an operation to insert shunts to remove the pressure in her brain and this provided some relief to the symptoms she was suffering. Despite a very brave battle against this terrible disease she tragically died at home just three weeks after her first diagnosis.
Isobel’s parents, Kate and Dave joined The Brain Tumour Charity setting up The Isobel Kelley Fund to help fund research into the causes, diagnosis and treatment of brain tumours.”

From Dave Kelly

” In July 2003 my daughter, Isobel, had been diagnosed with a brain tumour and died three weeks later. Following her death my ex-wife, and I set up a charitable fund in her memory, The Isobel Kelley Fund .
Bary became very involved in raising money for Isobel’s Fund and whilst I cannot give an exact figure I would estimate that Bary’s involvement has helped raise around £25,000+ for research into the causes, diagnosis and treatment of brain tumours. Throughout my contact with Bary I have always found him to be trustworthy, honest and dependable. If I had any doubts around his integrity I would not have been happy for him to be involved with my daughter’s charitable fund.
Bary’s support of The Isobel Kelley Fund has continued since 2004 and I am extremely grateful for that support.